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Al Brooks, MD, Professional Trader, Author, Lecturer, and Trading Room Presenter

I have been a professional trader since leaving my career as an ophthalmologist more than 30 years ago. I received my MD degree from the University of Chicago. In addition, I have written dozens of scientific papers on eye diseases and eye surgery. Also, I taught eye surgery at Emory University before opening a practice in Los Angeles, and in Los Angeles, I was on the clinical faculty of UCLA.

I have shared my techniques on 4 continents, lectured on advanced scalping techniques at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, regularly speak at MoneyShow and TradersExpo conferences, and have taught tens of thousands of traders how to trade. My books have been translated into many languages, and my Brooks Trading Course is being translated as well.

Futures magazine coined me “the trader’s trader,” and I was one of their technical analysis contributor for many years.

I appreciate my devoted following, and provide live market commentary and daily chart analysis updates at

What motivates me?

Long ago as an eye surgeon, I loved teaching ophthalmology residents. Furthermore, I have enjoyed helping thousands of traders from all over the world since 2009. It is very important to me to give you the best tool available to help you succeed. I believe that it is the Brooks Trading Course.

You are trading against the smartest, best trained people in the world. Many of them have MBAs from the top schools in the country. I know because I often get reminded of it by one of my daughters. She graduated from the Harvard Business School. This course is about as long as a course in business school. It gives traders a chance to learn the skills they need to compete with the best traders in the world.

Best source of information on price action trading

I strongly believe that the course provides an incredible amount of information about price action trading that is impossible to find anywhere else. These are the same price action trading techniques that the top traders and hedge fund managers use every day. I do not know of any other source for traders to find all of this extremely valuable information.

My goal is to teach traders how to trade

I want to say something about why I try so hard to help traders learn how to make money trading. Those who know me understand how important it is for me to do a good job with everything that I do. I performed thousands of eye operations. During each minute of each procedure, I constantly thought of every patient as if he or she was a family member.

I worked incredibly hard to do the best that I could do and I did it with an intense focus. Helping people is really important to me. When I teach others how to trade, I have this same attitude.

I know how difficult trading is, and I never lose sight of the struggle that all traders endure. With that in mind, everything that I say or write is to help traders achieve their goal of making money trading. The markets were created by institutions for their benefit, but we can participate.

This is not a game. It is our lives, and we all want to have better lives and to help our families. This is very serious business and I take it very seriously. However, I firmly believe that if a trader takes the time to learn how to trade, and if he is able to apply what he has learned, he will be in a position to achieve his goal.

My view of the markets

I look at price action differently from most traders. This is because I believe that there is significance to every tick that takes place during the day. None of what happens is noise. There is an incredible amount of information embedded in charts of every time frame. I think that each of the 200 or so major firms are very familiar with many pieces of the puzzle. But, much of the puzzle is actually invisible to all of them.

No one has to see all of the pieces to consistently make money. However, the more that a trader sees, the more opportunities he has to make a profit. I don’t claim to see the entire puzzle. But, I at least think that it is much more complex and fascinating than what everyone makes it sound. Also, much of my enjoyment comes from continuing to discover tiny new pieces.

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