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Don’t waste your life

Quote of the day: There is nothing more wasteful than a wasted life. A life of mistakes is more honorable than a life of not trying. At the risk of hitting a wrong note, sing my friends! It's ok, most of the world is pitch deaf anyway.

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Quote of the day 14th Aug 2022

About new traders: New traders want too much too fast. Most are not willing to put in the amount work and time it takes to build a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. My advice; start small and think long term. Make an investment in yourself and remove can't...

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Quote of the day!

As a trader there are 3 disciplines that are constantly being tested; buying, selling and sitting. To make those decisions pure, turn off the TV and the indexes. If you had no access to outside noise you would feel no compulsion to trade outside your own stock criteria.

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